Saturday, February 21, 2009

Route 66

Oil on Canvas 9"x6" Sold

Snakeskin boots and a white Corvette, get your kicks.



Katherine, Well I am just tickled pink to find you have a blogsite. I will be posting a comment about you as an artist on my site on 2/26/09 - it's in the context of a "meme" and you are mentioned and given credit for the beautiful abstract I found of yours on flickr. You can see how I "found" your work in my post.

I am a fan of yours and think you do fabulous work. I recognize your flickr posts - Sunbath, Daniel, Anna, Angel, and Coyote, yep, all shown at the Carnegie Art Center in Walla Walla. Beautiful pieces plus of course your nudes - I've also seen your nudes at Allied Arts in Richland. Your abstracts are extraordinary and again, I am really thrilled to see your work in such quantity. With best regards - come over and see me on 2/26. I'm on Maui now vacationing - I see one of your pieces is entitled Lahaina......

Katherine said...

Sunrise Sister over there in Hawaii, missing all that fog in Walla Walla. Not bad!! Thanks so much for posting my work on your blog, I love the idea of this network of blogs.

Thanks for the complements on my work. I don't think my nudes made it to Richland,only the Carnegie in W.W. I'd love to show there, the more places for my nudes the better. The venues for them can be quite limited as you can imagine.

Thanks again for the visit.