Monday, September 13, 2010

Commission in place

Ron, The Witness II and Gail

I have been taking a break from the time I spend on the computer.
This has meant a break from blogging, as that is where the time
really gets gobbled up. I have recently returned from a trip to Portland.
Coming from a county with a population of 25,000 to the city is an
awesome assault of the senses. It was so inspiring to be around all
the creative energy in that city. I went out to eat, visited galleries and
storefronts, bought art supplies, and delivered 14 pieces to a beautiful
furniture store. I house sat so I had my time all my own. It was so
peaceful to be solo for a time. I had incredible dreams, waking up
wanting to create art.

For those of you in the Portland area the art is at Parker Furniture, a
few blocks east on 10 from 217. At one time I showed at Roche Bobois
(furniture store) and did very well. Since then I have wanted to find
another opportunity like that. The opportunity arose with one of the
lovely women I worked with at Roche Bobois offering to represent
me at Parker. Furniture stores are not gallery representation but they
are a great venue as people can see the art in context of a mock living
space. Also I will be showing until we decide to end the arrangement,
not once every 2 years.

The commission has been hung in its new home and Ron and Gail are
very happy with it. They sent me the attached photo. They look like ol'
friends the three of them!


annell said...

That all sounds great! Painting looks great!

Katherine said...

Thank you Annell, nice to hear from you.

ArtPropelled said...

I'm marvelling at the size of your commission. Very striking!

Lisa Kerry said...


Zappha said...

Wow....this is so powerful when you see the size in context. I am familiar with the image before but now it is awesome. What a great painting Katherine. Very impressive.

Mary Ann Wakeley said...

This is a great shot of the work. So nice to see it with people, as Zappha said. All the best with the furniture store. It is a perfect venue in which to hang art.

Katherine said...

Thanks all for your comments. Having someone standing by the painting really helps give it perspective as to the size. Thanks for all your feedback and support Robyn,Lisa, Zappha and Mary Ann.

lucy said...

proud to be the owner of the "original" witness :-) xoxo

Momo Luna said...

Good to read that you had a wonderful time. And to see the painting with p[eople next to it is awessome! I didn't realise it was that big. Absolutelye gorgeous!

Katherine said...

Kayce maybe you and your husband(does he go by Bill) would like to send a photo of you two next to your painting?

Katherine said...

Momo Luna it makes a big difference doesn't it to see it in perspective with people next to it.

Carol said...

Wonderful painting! It must feel great to see it framed by the new owners. Your painting will be an amazing focus in any room. I love it! ;>)

Katherine said...

Thank you Carol and welcome to my blog!