Monday, January 17, 2011


Oil on Canvas, 30x24, $1080
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me

Well what do you know, another painting? She's on a roll
folks. I wish I actually felt that way. I feel a little like I am
slogging through mud and I am not certain that paintings
are done. Anyhow here is a redo of an older painting and I
do feel much better about it than I did the original.


georgia long said...

Didn't know you titled it "Coltrane" Now, it's even cooler. I knee only to Trane.

ArtPropelled said...

A glorious painting!

Katherine said...

You are a riot Georgia! I actually was thinking both John and his wife Alice.

Katherine said...

Robyn thank you. So nice to hear from you. I need to spend some time on your blog and catch up with the wonders posted there.

jbkrost said...

really nice!

Katherine said...

Thanks JB!



This is a lovely piece - the palette is very nice. It definitely feels fresh and am FAR from mud!!

I've not been reading or blogging much lately although I do have some pieces posted in my last few entries that will be a part of my first One Woman Show on June 3 - The Gallery at the Weinhard, Weinhard Hotel, Dayton, WA



Hi Katherine,

I commented a minute ago and then it didn't show up so at the risk of redundancy I will say again:).....this is a lovely piece, the palette really touches me. I haven't been here in a while as I haven't been doing much blogging but working like crazy on my first One Woman Show scheduled for June 3, "Gallery at the Weinhard", Weinhard Hotel, Dayton, WA.


Katherine said...

Thank you Dianne. How exciting!!! I am going to have to find out where Dayton is.