Thursday, March 19, 2009


Oil on canvas 9"x6" $95 plus shipping
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please email
me at

Today will be the second and hopefully last of a two day hiatus
awaiting art supplies. I painted Imnaha last Summer. Why I
called it that I don't know. Imnaha is a very small town at the
end of the road about 24 downhill miles out of Joseph,Oregon,
which until I went to Imnaha, I thought was the end of the
road. It was the wintering grounds of the NezPierce Indians.
It is a magical little spot not far from the Idaho border. If
you take either of the dirt roads out of town you can see
vistas of Hells Canyon. It is one of those towns built on a
part of the earth that is clearly a power spot. It is no wonder
that in the book The Shack the main character converses
with God in a shack outside Imnaha.


Anonymous said...

I like what you said kathy...

Randy Wallace

Katherine said...

Randy what a treat to open my comments and see your name. Thank you for visiting!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Beautiful colors and great story of this little town and it's history.

Don Gray said...

This would be a fine painting, no matter what you named it. But somehow it seems right to call it Imnaha...I don't know why either...??

Dean Grey said...

I like the colors and composition of this one!


R K Schlueter said...

This is great, I want it so bad, i know that's not your problem. We get so many compliments on your work here at home, you are such a great one. really enjoying your blog too. xo ~R

Katherine said...

Thank you Blue Sky for your attention to my blog and for your comment and support.

Katherine said...

Don it is a big question mark to me why most of my paintings get called what I call them. Just a feeling evoked? Writing the blog made me want to take a ride over there though. Thanks for your visit and comment Mr.Gray. We have SUN!!!!!

Katherine said...

Dean nice to meet you! Thanks for the visit and the comment. I like your St. Patrick's manhole cover!

Katherine said...

Thanks Rachel you are so kind! I am lovin' your blog also and your participation in Flickr.