Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Oil on canvas 48"x36" $1800 plus shipping.
If you are interested in this painting please email me at

Yesterday I worked on two paintings. I started a large piece and a small piece.
Neither of them are ready to show so I decided to post a large piece today that some of
you have already seen. Working large is my true love I have to admit. I love the broad
strokes and the amount of working the paint that happens. The more I work it the more
the history is evident and I love that. It is one of the things that holds my attention when
admiring others work.


gianlucio said...

Hello Katherine, I gave a look at your blog and I was able to admire beautiful paintings.
Congratulations! I would like to have among my readers of pictorial art.

lynne h said...

oh my goodness! this piece is so completely pleasing to the eye!!

ruby door said...

full of lush color combinations and mood. wow!

Katherine said...

Thank you so much Gianluco, Lynne H and Ruby Door. I am so glad you like this piece. Tahnks for visiting!

Robyn said...

Katherine, this is such a beautiful painting with a name that is just perfect for it.

Katherine said...

Hi Robyn! Thank you so much. I believe my partner named it. He is a writer and believes it is his job to name the paintings. Sometimes I let him believe that.