Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ready to Paint

"The Witness" Oil on canvas, SOLD

I am back from Portland and am inspired now to get going. I wish I could
say I visited galleries and the museum and saw tons of art. I did not, as I
was way too busy. I did see the delightful art of my friend Cindy Bilotti.
The pieces I saw and loved are on Cindy's Flickr. I really enjoyed her faces.
Check out her website:

"Crossing the Blues", Oil on canvas, 24x18, SOLD

At one time I showed my work at Roche Bobois in Portland, a high end
furniture store and sold tons of art. I have been wishing for another,
similar, situation with great people like the ones managing my art at
RB. The ex-manager called me and she works at another high end
furniture store in the Portland area and she wanted to represent my
art again. So we met and she took a painting I happened to have in
the back of my car. I am thrilled to be working with Jill again and to
be showing in a nice furniture store. I think people can really respond
to art when they see it in the context of living spaces.

"Jubilee", Oil on Canvas, 24x18, SOLD

The reason I had the painting in the back of the car in the first place
was to meet with Donna Guardino of Guardino Gallery to submit my
work for her 2011 calendar. Submissions are still open and I won't
know until the fall, but I am under consideration. I did an exhibit of
my drawings several years back at this gallery and would love to
show again. She was complementary of the work, which is always a
great thing to hear.

The other cool thing that went on while I was there was the phone
calls from Willow Galley in Walla Walla telling me I had sold 3 more
pieces of art. Rockin'!!

So off I go to paint. Have a great day.


DJ said...

"The Witness" is wonderful. I can see why its sold.
Enjoy your studio time ~

annell said...

This all sounds wonderful! Glad your trip was so good! It's a beautiful painting!

annell said...

The close-up is sooooooooo beautiful! Beautiful paint! I would love to ask a question? How do you put the painting in between text, as you have done on this post?

KanYoFuse said...

Congratulations on selling 3 paintings. That's awesome! Keep us updated on the high end furniture place having your amazing art.

Katherine said...

DJ thank you and yes I am enjoying my studio time.

Katherine said...

Thank you Annell, I will email and tell you how to stagger the images.

Katherine said...

Kevin you are so great, thank you. The furniture store is Parker Furniture in Beaverton. They only have "Deep Sea Diving" right now.

Mary Ann Wakeley said...

It's all great news, Katherine. RB furniture is awesome and I can easily see your work hanging amidst it. I hope everything continues in this positive direction for you. Also, I recognized Cindy's name immediately as I have been to her website. Her work is wonderful.

Teri said...

Good goin' Katherine! It looks like you are in a Wheel of Fortune year too! Thanks for the comment today. I have missed you but am happy that you are selling. Keep it up!

ArtPropelled said...

Woohoo! Things are looking good for you Katherine. It's wonderful to find a space that fits your work and a person who gets you to represent you. A feeling of coming home. These pieces are great and The W#itness is fantastic! Love it!

Katherine said...

Mary Ann thank you for your support. Did you go to Cindy's flickr and see the most current work?

Katherine said...

Teri I wish I was going into my wheel of fortune au contraire I enter the Hanged Man in August. I am intentioning many breakthroughs as I look at things upside down.

Katherine said...

Thanks Robyn, it is so nice to have these things fall into place, there has been over a year where I was in the void. Guess some serious shifts needed to take place.

Stan Kurth said...

Congrats on all the sales, but I'm not surprised; your work is stupendous.

Katherine said...

Why thank you Stan, I think the same of your work!