Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bird Woman Drawing

Charcoal and conte on paper (framed) $650
(unframed $500) plus shipping
If you are interested in purchasing this drawing please
me at

Usually I start my morning with a cup of tea in front of
the computer doing my blog, flicker, facebook and general
communications. This morning though I did a very healthy
thing and sat outside in the cool morning air and had my tea.
I think I might have started a new routine. One of the many
things I love here in the summer is the return of the Doves.
The mornings are filled with the sound of Doves cooing.

Well on the note of birds, this morning I am posting the
original drawing that inspired yesterdays painting. Please
remember it was drawn left handed. Also the photo is not
great as it is a slide translated digitally. I also notice that it
was not the right wing that was pinned down !?!?!?
Maybe I was drawing a mirror image.


Sunrise Sister said...

Your new routine could be a winner - our a.m. are so heavenly with such a cool, embracing breezey greeting to the day. I love them too. We've been blessed with mild evenings too also today reaching into the 90's we may have to wait into the night before it gets too cool!

The drawing is lovely! Left or right handed, looks like you've the knack - the say the least. Your current Ebay post is fab - I'm going to try and let someone else discover you. I don't want to be greedy. Your Souza March is right in my daily view, a pleasure to own. Happy 4th!

robyn said...

Great drawing Katherine. I wish my left hand would play the game!

Jeane said...

summer is here for sure - I'm enjoying bird song in the morning also right outside our bedroom window - I have flower pots with red geraniums and the hummingbirds come in the mornings - I love hearing their little wings through the open window - I'm a fan of the left handed idea :)

Katherine said...

Dianna, Robyn and Jeane I really appreciate all three of you for your support and for showing up for my process and my blog. Thank you.