Thursday, July 16, 2009

Crossroad- New eBay

Oil on canvas, 9"x6" Click to BID

New eBay listing today. Kirby talked me into it. So here
it is,
'Crossroad' starting at 1/2 off.

Started on my bigger painting yesterday. It is amazing
how much
paint it takes to just cover the canvas. Don
and I were talking
about that being the first step. Just
covering the canvas with paint
so you have something
to respond to. I was having a blast putting
paint on it
somehow reminded me of finger painting it was so much

While I am painting in my style Don is doing what he does.
That, too, is
very fun to see, watching him whip out his dailies
and prepare a huge
surface to do a mural. You have to go to
his blog and see the beginning of it.
He is going to be chronicling his process on
the blog.

The comedy that goes on around all this is our two dogs
playing underfoot.
His puppy Winslow is full of mischief.
Don thought we should try introducing
my dog Maggie into
the mix and actually it worked out well. She became a
of a babysitter while we painted, keeping Winslow occupied
and enamored.

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