Friday, July 10, 2009

Tikal- new eBay

Oil on canvas, 9"x6" Click here to BID

Today is the end of my eBay auction so I thought
I'd start another one. I don't know how long I will
keep doing this, but I am having fun for now. It
of course would be a lot more fun if there was some
auctioning going on. I have been getting 1 bid on each
painting. I have no complaints. I am setting the price
at a place I can feel good about.

So anyhow Tikal is on eBay
The starting price is $47.50, one half of it's normal price.
The shipping is a flat rate of $10.35 plus insurance. I am
doing this because I have been losing on shipping. Ah......
live and learn.

1 comment:

Jeane said...

the shipping thing is really tricky sometimes - I like your idea of a flat rate :)