Friday, May 7, 2010


"Akira", Oil on Canvas, 40x30, SOLD

It seems I am still getting ready for the show. It is
amazing how much it takes to get ready for even
the smallest of exhibits. Yesterday I cleaned up my
resume and reworked my artists statement and sent
them with my bio off to the gallery. Today I sign paintings.
In other words I have not been painting.

Todays post is a painting I did several years ago. I was
very pleased with how it turned out and knew it was sold
when I finished it. I took it to the gallery and in no time it
sold. Now what comes first, the chicken or the egg? Did the
painting sell because I knew it would? Or did I know it
would because I was well sort of psychic? Or maybe there
is an energy to the painting. :^} Actually this has happened
several times where I have finished a painting and known
this and it rapidly sold. The first time it happened I was able
to trade 2 paintings I felt this way about for the electrical in
my studio that I was building at the time. It included the
heater, industrial fan, and all the lights and bulbs. What a

Have a day filled with whimsy.


Melissa Ekberg Fernandes said...

wonderful . so passional , full of life and deep .

Katherine said...

Thank you Melissa. I am sorry to hear about Ciao, but it sounds like he had a very full life. It's what happens when you mess with time machines.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Wonderful piece and I can easily feel a strong energy.
Good luck with your show preparation...keeps one busy and out of paint.

Katherine said...

Yes Mary Ann 'and out of paint'. Except I was fortunate enough to get a grant and replenish supplies. The 10' painting wiped me out!

jbkrost said...

it woderful.....
I love the soft composition.....
I see you guys are still breaking winters back!! (snicker)

Katherine said...

Thank you JB. And thanks for snickering.

Teri said...

I feel a sort of head dress with feathers dangling when I look at this. It makes me feel like there is an Indian soul alive behind that painting. A grant? Congratulations! And have a Happy Mother's Day. I hope the snow stops and it warms up a bit for you.

Katherine said...

There is another painting under it, not an Indian though, but that is an interesting take. Thanks for the congrats. The snow is melting away and today was Springlike again. Thanks for visiting Teri.

lilasvb said...

first time i visit uyour blog, beautifull work

Katherine said...

Thank you so much Lila and welcome to the blog.

Ro Bruhn said...

It's not hard to see why it sold, it's beautiful with such vibrant colour combinations and wonderful energy. Thanks for commenting on my blog too.

Katherine said...

Thank you so much Ro.