Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pow Wow

Yesterday I went to a Pow Wow here in La Grande,
Oregon. As an artist I am a great believer in going
out to places where I feel my image bank in my
being will get restocked. I was not disappointed at
this event for it was not only a visual feast, the
drumming and chanting fed my soul on a very primal
level. I wish I was a better photographer, but here
is a taste of what I saw. Click on the pictures for
larger image, the people and their outfits were quite


Mary Ann Wakeley said...

Wow, great images, Katherine. I imagine an event such as this would inspire one on a whole new level. It would for me.

Katherine said...

Thanks Mary Ann. This was my first Pow Wow ever. I felt so fed by it. We'll see if my art is affected. That would be nice. Love your new work.

ALeks said...

But this is wonderful,what a beautiful photographs,how great you captured the moments,brilliant Pow Wow,I wish I was there! :O) Greetings from Holland and from me!

Katherine said...

Thank you Aleksandra. I actually posted this for people who are from other places in the world than the USA. I love cultural and artistic traditions from other countries.