Friday, May 28, 2010

Rocks at Sea Ranch- Rachel Schlueter

"Rocks at Sea Ranch", Oil on panel, 10"x12"
By Rachel Schlueter

My friend Rachel is posting my coyote and a statement from
me about my relationship to Humboldt County on a group
daily blog from Humboldt County in Northern California.
It is one of the most gorgeous areas on the west coast.
The Blog address is

I decided to post a painting of hers again as a trade of sorts.
I couldn't get a price from her but I believe it is for sale.
I swear, artists! (Just teasing you Rachel) Also, I think this
is an awesome painting. I own one of Rachel's seascapes and
it is a prized possession. It is very different from this, not any
where as expressive. Rachel just came back from a trip to
Mendocino another gorgeous area in Northern California,
where she stayed with a group of artist friends at Sea Ranch.
This painting came out of this time.
Rachel's blog is:


Zappha said...

I love Rachels work and this is no exception. It is truly a marvelous thing when artists help to promote the work of others. My hat is off to both of you. I am an admirer.

Rachel K Schlueter said...

Thank you Zappha and Katherine-we are all in the same boat and on the same page... pardon the cliche -it's a habbit.

Katherine said...

Zappha thank you, all this wonderful networking, if nothing else happens we get to meet each other. And I for one am very grateful to have met you.

Rachel thank you for allowing me to post your art and for posting mine.
I love the Cove Cemetery and go up there often. All the benches have family names on them. My fave is the Page family and it says Page, well of course every time I sit there with someone new do you think I can resist saying..."We are on the same page"?