Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Momo Luna/Monica Croese- Art and Meaning

"Taste of Life", Acrylic on canvas, 40cmx40cm (15.7"x15.7")

"A Girl So Old in Her Shoes" Pencil and Ink on paper, 15cmx10cm (6"x4")
"What is the meaning of doing art for you?"

As long as I can remember I have drawn or painted.
I need to express myself. All of my deepest emotions,
even the dark ones, find a place on my canvases and
paper. I am the happiest when drawing and painting,
as I create magical places where my personality can be
totally true, without any restraint. I can rearrange pain
and sorrow into beauty. Sometimes a harsh beauty
perhaps, but there's always hope in my work. I can totally
loose myself while painting. Two friends of mine (who
shared an atelier with me) made fun of me, because,
being absorbed in my own world, I don't see or hear a
thing, and am not aware of what's going on around me.
In my art, I express my emotions, but there are also other
deeper layers. I often use symbolic meanings and archetypes,
connections with nature, old forgotten god(ess)s, and
mythology. I like the idea of intermingling old icons with
the icons of today. I don't think this over for a long time,
it simply appears while creating.

The happiness while creating also contains struggles and
frustration. I struggle mostly while painting. It seems that
drawing feels more natural for me. I begin a drawing and go
with the flow, my thoughts leading my hand and slowly there
appears an image. I never feel insecure about a drawing but
I'm always questioning myself while painting. I have to learn
to let go more. To paint is to struggle, but at the end it is always
satisfying and freeing. Even if the result isn't what I expected.
When my kids were little I didn't have the time, space and
patience for painting. That's why I started to draw little drawings.
I'm doing this still today. There's always time and space for a
drawing. But after some years I began to feel very restless and
had to paint. As I now have the time I have started painting
again (slowly).

I transform my personal emotions into more universal images,
hoping people will recognize what I want to say and find
(some) comfort in it. As I wrote in the beginning; I simply
need to draw and paint, it's like breathing for me.

/I feel like a lost soul ~ i go to sleep and dream again ~
Silent echoes, strange shapes ~ i have my own world....... /

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Caio Fernandes said...

yes ... this is the magical , misterious and so sincere Luna's work expressed so well in words .
thank you for this post Katherine !

Manon Doyle said...

Beautiful post. I love all Monica's work and her words!!

Inkpunk Artworks said...

Monica is a wise and beautiful soul, and it shows in her work. Excellent showcase, Katherine!

jbkrost said...

well put a, love the work, as well as hearing what moves and inspires you, keep going!!

La Dolce Vita said...

great post, her work is awesome!

Katherine said...

You are welcome Caio. She is magical isn't she?

Katherine said...

Manon Doyle, what a great name. Glad you enjoyed the post. I loved hearing what Momo Luna had to say. Thank you visiting, nice to meet you.

Katherine said...

That she is Inkpunk and I see you own some beautiful artwork of her's you are one lucky guy.

Katherine said...

JB I am so glad you visited and read Momo's wonderful statement.

Katherine said...

La Dolce Vita yes it is! Thank you for visiting.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you all guys for your wonderful comments, that make me a little blush, but i'm happy with your support. :-D

Katherine said...

Momo thank you so much for your lovely contribution to the Art and Meaning project.

Nevine said...

I just followed the link from Momo Luna's blog to read her thoughts on art. I am brand new to her site but her artwork is incredible, and that is now no surprise to me. Having read about her process and "rituals" with art, it is only natural that she would produce such outstanding and creative final results. Thank you, Katherine, for hosting this.


Katherine said...

Thank you Nevine for visiting and reading Momo's wonderful statement. She does create beautiful artwork.

Laura said...

fascinating insight by an incredibly talented artist... thank you so for sharing.

Katherine said...

Thank you Laura for visiting and commenting. I am very grateful for Momo's response and her art.

Momo Luna said...

Your welcome Katherine, i felt honiured you ask me and it is such a pleasure to contribute. :-)

Momo Luna said...

Thank you Nevine for your sweet comment. :-)

And thank you Laura!

I am very happy with all your lovely comments and support; that also keeps me going, doing art, feeling recognized, loved and supported.
Thank you all, it means so very much to me. :-D

ArtPropelled said...

I'm so glad Monica found her way back to painting again. Her work is enchanting.

Momo Luna said...

Thank you ArtPropelled, i'm glad also. At the moment less uploads because i'm working on a large painting now. :-)