Monday, March 1, 2010


Abuqui, oil on canvas,14x11, SOLD

Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area I am
quite familiar with earthquakes. I was there when the Loma
Prieta earthquake happened, collapsing part of the Bay Bridge,
a freeway in the East Bay and setting fire to buildings in
the Marina District.

That was a 7.1 earthquake. I can not even begin to imagine
an 8.8, seismic measurement is exponential. I don't know
what else I want to say, other than my mind is boggled at the
size of this quake. And of course that I have total compassion
for the Chileans. My prayers are with them.

The last few days my creativity went on strike. I had to
work on a figurative piece to get it back. Then after spending
two days with that piece I was able to get back to my small
abstracts. I may have started something new, where there isn't
such a fight going on inside of me of what I am here to create.
I was starting to feel a little stuck with the figurative piece after
working it for two days but working the abstract seems to
have loosened that a bit. Back and forth, this will keep me


Momo Luna said...

Very, very beautiful!

Katherine said...

Thank you Momo! It is up on auction right now starting at 1/2 off. See the next post.