Friday, March 12, 2010

The Witness

"The Witness', Oil on canvas, 40x30, $1500
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

For now I am calling this painting finished. It
has felt like a process of birthing. It is, in the end,
a dark painting. It does not surprise me as I
emerge from the darkness of the past 6 months
that my first real effort would turn out so dark.
My friend says it is not dark but rich and I would
describe this time I have been through as rich also.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Dark and rich is a good description of a transition time...the light over the head and beak speaks of such dawning...!

Sunrise Sister said...

Katherine - So happy that you are painting again and taking a little time for blog action. I look forward to your Willow show in WW:)


D*fusion said...

Katherine, "rich" is good. I like this stage the best.

Katherine said...

Thank you Mary Ann for the observation about the light. I saw the emerging of light but the placement is even better. It reminds me of an incident years ago when I showed a curator my friends work for possible display. I thought the painting lovely but the curator said "what is she up to? She has the light coming out the ass?" LOL!!

Katherine said...

Thank you Dianna. It is nice to be back. So nice to hear from you.

Katherine said...

Thank you Dan. Yes rich is good. I think it is done what do you think?