Friday, March 19, 2010


Madras, Oil on canvas, 14x11, $275
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

As I sit here thinking what can I write today (I didn't blog
yesterday as I didn't come up with anything to say) I
realize I am a little discombobulated as an artist. I love
to paint large. I am craving a huge canvas and I am
painting small for the show in June and to sell now.
I painted yesterday on a 24x18 canvas a painting that is
about as big as you could fit on a canvas that size. I mean
bold. It's not finished. When it is I'll post it. Maybe I need to
have a large canvas going on the side. Oh well that's
enough rambling for now.

Have a great day, I hope it is sunny where you are. It is
here and it is 22 degrees right now. It will warm up.


Kathy said...

The turquoise band rocks this one, Katherine. With that blend of purple and orange, "Madras" is the perfect name.

Katherine said...

Thank you Kathy. Close up it looks like the madras skirts I used to wear in high school!