Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Primavera- New eBay

'Primavera', Oil on canvas,14"x11", $275
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at katherine@katherinetreffinger.com

It was so great yesterday to get back into the
Art and Meaning project. I am hoping it inspires
others to get involved. I have quite a few requests
to artists out there.

I had one of "those" days yesterday where nothing
happened in the studio but paint getting used. On
that note I will quote Philip Guston:

"I go to my studio every day, because I may go and
the angel will there. What if I don't go and the angel

I went, but she did not show up. I know wherever
she went that artist had an incredible day and soon
it will be my turn again.


dwoolley@charter.net said...

Hi Katherine,

I love the Guston quote!


Kathy said...

Me too! I think the angel paid me a visit because I finished a painting, and I'm pleased with it. I love your new blue painting. It reminds me of the Alison Kraus, Robert Plant song "Chasing the Blues."

Katherine said...

Dianna I have the quote hanging in my studio to remind me to not expect too much of myself creatively. I have a tendency to go into self doubt when the creativity is not pouring through.

Katherine said...

Lucky you Kathy to have been visited! Don't you love that! Thank you for your support of my blue painting. I'll have to listen to that song today.

Kathy said...

oops, it's called "Killing the Blues".