Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new blog!!

"Painted Pony", Oil on canvas, 30x40, $1500
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at katherine@katherinetreffinger.com

Today I am posting a painting I have shown
before for two reasons. I started a new blog
expressing my metaphysical voice. This painting
is the header of the blog. Also, I spent yesterday
putting the new blog together so I did not go to
the studio (hope that angel wasn't there waiting
for me) and I don't have new work to post.

I am excited and a little nervous about my new
blog. If this is your cup of tea please check it out.
If you know anyone who would enjoy what I am
offering please pass the link along. The new blog is:


潘云闲 said...

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Katherine said...

Thank you. The template is one of the choices with the blog, both are free.