Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Bear Fishes

"Little Bear Fishes", Oil on canvas, 24x18, $540
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

The painting I am sending today may or may not be
finished. As, I believe, I have mentioned before, I
often paint something, think it is a breakthrough
only to realize later it is not even finished let alone
a breakthrough. This is one of those paintings. It
went through some veryawkward stages where
I was completely lost.If you want to tell me I might
have lost it on this one feel free.

Now as for the title. I see a little bear and a hill in
it. It reminded me of a rafting trip I took the
summer before last on the Snake River.Ohhhhh
what a Divine experience! Anyhow in the first
few moments we were in the river a baby bear
came scurrying down the very steep hill, a wall
of Hell's Canyon. He went to the river, stuck his
paw in and to our utter amazement pulled a
large fish out. He put it in his mouth and scurried
back up. No hesitation! Wow! Beautiful.

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sunrise Sister said...

The title is great - I certainly see the bear:) I'm not sure though if it's finished.....sometimes, you fool me going back and creating something that wasn't there the first go around. You've given me inspiration to "go back" and "redo" a couple of things that I was ultimately much more pleased than I was when I imagined it complete the first go around:)


Katherine said...

Thank you Dianna that is fabulous.