Monday, April 12, 2010

Zao's Garden

"Zao's Garden", Oil on canvas, 48x36, $2200
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

Today I am posting an older painting that I have already
posted. I just can't believe it hasn't sold. It is large, so it
is expensive, but it is the last of many textured pieces I
painted. The only reason I still have it is that it was my
favorite and I kept it in my collection for years. It is one
of two paintings in my home that when people visit they
go to immediately and stand in front of it. I am talking about
people that don't get abstract. They love it. I don't know
maybe I am supposed to keep it?

I have been working at developing a strong internet presence
for the last few years so my art can be found. I discovered
through a friend of mine this weekend that when you put
Katherine T into the search engine and pause a second, my
name is one of about eight choices that drop down to
choose from. At Tre it comes right up. I was amazed!
It doesn't feel so long ago that I was trying to figure out
how to have my website be one of the first things that would
come up on my page in the search engines. Alright I am
bragging, but I am pleased.

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