Friday, April 30, 2010

Sha Sha Higby

I have emailed this artist and asked for an art and meaning
statement, but I have not received a response. I understand.
Sha Sha Higby is very focused on creating. I am a big fan of
hers although I have only seen her perform once. I am posting
a video of a visit to her studio and some clips of performances
so you can see why I am such a fan. Sha Sha imbues her art
with meaning.

Please have patience downloading, it is well worth it.
For a video of one of her performances please visit


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I feel lucky that I'm starting my morning off with having seen this piece of Sha Sha Higby...thank you!!

ArtPropelled said...


Katherine said...

Mary Ann and Robyn isn't she the best? I am so glad I thought to share this on my blog.

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh, this is amazing. The combination of art and dance, I love it.

Teri said...

I loved this! It did take me a while to download but well worth the time. I see that she does things in the area. I just might have to go listen to one of her lectures. I loved that she did a solstice party at a friends house. Isn't that just typical Marin county, Katherine? That energy that lives in Berkeley, Occidental, Bolinas, Mill Valley...I could just bathe in it!

jbkrost said...

thats just wild!!
good pick

yeah probably want that studio
still love the painting

Katherine said...

Roxanne thank you for visiting, yes Sha Sha is amazing.Glad there are videos to watch so that all of us can see her incredible work.

Katherine said...

Teri does she do lectures? Anyhow if you ever get the chance see one of her performances. I miss all the abundant talent that was in the SF area when I was there. You are so lucky to be in driving distance.

Katherine said...

Thank you JB glad you enjoyed Sha Sha. Thanks again on the painting.

Don Gray said...

Amazing shaman figures she evokes...completely transformed by those incredible costumes.

Katherine said...

Don I saw her perform in person. Wow it fed the ritualistic/tribal-shamanic part of me. I keep following her to see what she is up to now. What a find this you tube was.