Friday, April 9, 2010

Thea Schrack- Art and Meaning

"Blue Willow" Photography with encaustic wax painting,
23x23 inches.

"What is the meaning of doing art for you?"

"For me creating art is an ongoing investigation
and connection to our natural world. To be in
the presence of that mystery on a daily basis is
what I live and thrive on."

Thea Schrack April 2010


Caio Fernandes said...

wonderful work . i am really touched .
thank you .

meaning of doing art ?
i spent my life trying to answer this .
nothing . just let the impulse come .

Four Seasons in a Life said...


I come to you via the invitation by Thea.

Your question "what is the meaning of doing art for me" is easy to answer but more difficult to understand.

If I had no creative thought or action in a day, it is like dying. To be creative is the very reason why I live and breath.

On a more academic level I would answer that I strive my art to enhance our surroundings, enrich our souls, while also daring to reflect honestly our social conditions and the unkindness we enact upon our human being and all living things.


SKIZO said...

good creations

La Dolce Vita said...

hi there! came by way of Thea...
the meaning of doing art for me is to release the expression from my soul it is what I do and who I am. My whole life is art in progress...

Katherine said...

Caio thank you for your response. Thea's work is lovely and sensitive. I know what you mean about pondering the meaning of doing art and coming up with nothing. That is why I started the project.

Katherine said...

Ergmont thank you for coming to visit and your thoughtful response. I went to your four seasons blog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not everyone finds the question easy to answer, which is why I started the project. I hope you will click on the label Meaning of art and read more of the responses, there are 43 of them!

Katherine said...

Skizo glad you enjoyed it. I am so glad when artists show up for this project. Thank you for your visit and comment.

Katherine said...

La Dolce Vita thank you for your thoughtful response. I went to your website and enjoyed your art,especially the shrines. Thank you for your visit.

Thea Schrack said...

Thanks for keeping us all connected!!!

Katherine said...

Thank you Thea for participating! I hear you are in a group with Ginny Felch. I used to live in Stinson Beach and knew Ginny there. Small World.