Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alicia Tormey- Art and Meaning

Evolution, 2008, Encaustic w/mixed media, 72” x 72”

"What meaning does doing art have for you?"

When I began thinking about art and meaning it occurred
to me that being an artist is more than a profession or
trade… it is a way of life. I look at my studio practice as
I imagine an athlete approaches their daily training rituals
each day we are striving to improve over the last. As
humans we are all naturally creative so the act of making
art feels like the most authentic action for me. I recently

read this quote that I feel sums it up: “Everybody is an artist.
Everyone is god. It’s just that they are inhibited” – Yoko Ono

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RK said...

I agree with Yoko. I love the image posted it sends me. Thank you!

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely restful painting.

ria said...

Beautiful image + beautifully said: "the act of making art feels like the most authentic action for me."

Jeane said...

I just found Alicia's site yesterday! how funny to find her highlighted here this morning - gorgeous work!

Katherine said...

Rachel. I love the Yoko quote and the art and what Alicia has to say. Thanks for visiting.

Katherine said...

Robyn I know exactly what you are saying.

Katherine said...

Hi Ria nice to have you visit. Isn't it though, beautiful that is.

Katherine said...

Jeane Synchronicity!!! Her colors are right up your alley.

Alicia Tormey said...

Thank you for inviting me to participate with this project and for all the lovely comments too! Lot’s of inspiration here!

judyrush said...

I just returned from Seattle Monday night. We were there for Wagner's Ring Cycle. I spent my days seeking out encaustic artist's work and can't believe I didn't find you. Do you teach any extended I would have to travel from New Orleans? I'm comfortable with the materials and have a good understanding of the process but am feeling the need for a teacher to help me find a style that expresses the beauty I feel inside. Thanks so much...Judy

Alicia Tormey said...

Hi Judy - Watch my blog for workshop postings - - I know how frustrating it can be when you feel stuck and wish you had a mentor to push you. I still feel that way sometimes too. For now I would say work as often as possible to allow important personal breakthroughs to evolve.