Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brian Forrest- Art and Meaning

'Horn' Oil on canvas 28"x22"

"What is the meaning of doing art for you?"

Doing art is a cross between a crap shoot, finding
your way out of the woods, and performing a magic
act. Each time I begin to paint I feel like I am walking
a tightrope—sometimes scary, sometimes exciting,
sometimes very quiet, and always, always surprising;
leading me where I never expected to go. Doing art
makes me lose all sense of time and place and go
inside one long moment of creating.

Whenever I feel a painting in my gut, I know this is
why I paint. Its colors are the message. I feel them
before my mind has a chance to get involved. Color
is the most agile and dynamic medium to create joy.
And if you can find joy in your art, then you’ve found
something worth holding on to.

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RK said...

Well said. Thanks!

Poetic Artist said...

Thanks for always bringing artist to us plus
I always love seeing your work..

Katherine said...

Thank you Katelen and Rachel for stopping by to visit Brian's work and words.

Thank you Brian for participating in this project.