Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Monk

Charcoal and gesso on paper 30x22 Sold

When visiting yesterday with Cindy we talked about
our days at The Drawing Studio where we met. This
is a storefront drawing school on Division in Portland
owned by Phil Sylvester. I went there for a couple of
years, once a week. He really teaches creativity much
more than drawing and he hugely influenced all of my
work. Cindy and I talked about how we still hear him
teaching when we work. I learned next to nothing about
rendering from him but rather how to see and how to
be creative with what I see. Thank you Phil.

Today's posting is a drawing I did at the Drawing Studio.


Jeane said...

I love this Katherine - it has a soul :)

Rachel said...


Zappha said...

Very nice Katherine.

Katherine said...

Jeane takes a soul to see one! Thank you.
I think this is one of the first drawings I sold.

Katherine said...

Thank you Rachel and Zappha.