Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Seismic Oil on Canvas 14"x11" $275

I wanted you to see the lovely painting my friend
Rachel sent me for my birthday. It is 6"x6" and now hanging
in my kitchen, the Rachel Gallery. She did a whole series of
Pigeons from her trip to San Francisco. I have coveted them
and now I own one!!!
Check out her blog she is doing some very cool film
noire paintings as of late. Thank you Rachel for this
little beauty!


lucy said...

ooooo, the pigeon is wonderful. i am anxious the receive my recent "win" from ebay :-) i'm creating my own little katherine gallery!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Beautiful pieces - yours and your friend's.

RK said...

Katherine I like... love the new painting it's vibrant -it calls to me and it's speaking in a language that i understand, how do you do it? You are such a wonderful artiste and friend! Your blog is one of my favorite daily activities, thank you so much!

Katherine said...

Lucy you are now an official collector!

Katherine said...

Bonnie thank you and thanks for visiting. You have a lovely blog.

Katherine said...

Rachel thank you dear friend. This is not a new painting but it is current. Thank you for my lovely pigeon!