Monday, December 28, 2009

Ebay Auction 5 Paintings!

'Puerto de Colores', Oil on Canvas, 9"x6",SOLD

'Cindy's Confetti', Oil on Canvas, 9"x6", SOLD

'Catalina Tile', Oil on canvas, 9"x6" SOLD

'Saxon', Oil on Canvas, 9"x6", SOLD

'Train Passes Hot Lake', Oil on Canvas, 9"x6", SOLD

One thing about being global is you can't assume
everyone that is reading your blog celebrates the
same holidays or even solstices as you do. For those
of you that have been celebrating I hope it has been
good. I celebrated both the Winter Solstice and
Christmas, which to me in some ways are about the
same thing, the birth of light. I had a good time. This
year, more than any other time in my life, the
celebration has been about giving the gift of love.
These past 4 months have been profound for me,
as I heal from surgery on my ankle. I have so much
appreciation for those who have helped me through it.

I still have not re-entered the studio, as I am still very
tenuous with my ankle. Needless to say, this whole event
has been a challenge to my pocket book (did I really say
pocket book?) so I have decided to do an end of the year
auction of 5 of my small paintings.

I wish a very happy 2010 to all of you. The start of a new
decade, wow! May it be new! If you haven't seen the movie
Avatar I highly recommend it.