Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Times Square

"Times Square", Oil on canvas, 36"x48", $2600

As I sit at the computer this morning it is 0 degrees F or -18 C.
We usually have a cold snap like this once or twice a winter and
thank goodness it does not last long. The high today is supposed
to be 7 F, with a wind chill factor brrrrr. Last night I woke up feeling
a little short on oxygen and Kirby was already awake coughing.
Does something happen to the air when it gets this cold? It's very
dry I am thirsty all the time. You must understand I grew up in a
temperate environment where right now they are all complaining
because it is down in the 30's.

The good news is I am spending my time in the studio. Yesterday
I rearranged the studio and finished a painting. Fun!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all of you here in the USA. I am very
thank-full this year. Thank you for following my art and being in my life.

Oh, by the way, I think this painting is done.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Terry Jarrard-Dimond -Art and Meaning

"Forrest Floor", 78.75" H x 78.25" W, Hand dyed fabric, freehand cut,
machine pieced and machine stitched

"What is the meaning of doing art for you?"

The making of art is my passport to happiness and self-fulfillment. This
activity has been the most constant passion in my entire life and it takes
me places that I can not get to any other way. When I am really focused
on my work there is a feeling of joy and excitement that I do not feel any
other time. It puts me in a state of knowing that my creativity is my gift
and the studio is my place. The results of this art making allows me to
connect with other people and opens doors to relationships that would not
have been possible otherwise.

Terry can be contacted at:
Her website is:
Her blog is:

Friday, November 12, 2010


W.I.P., Oil on canvas, 30"x24"

Well finally I am back at it in full speed in the studio with 2 paintings
going at the same time. I have the darndest time being consistent in
my style! That is what galleries want, a consistent show, in style, that
is. Do any of you artists out there have the same issue? I mean artists
are supposed to be creative right? Oh, don't listen to me, in some
ways I supposed it's good for me as it pushes me to keep going, keep
working the painting until it works with the rest in some way.

I am in the process of going back and looking at paintings I have hanging
around the house and asking if I love the painting and if I don't I am going
back in and reworking it. That is what I am doing with this work in process.
I felt it was the weakest piece in my Satellite Gallery show so now it is
completely changed and already I like it better even though it has a ways to

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"Innerspace" Oil on canvas, 30"x48", $2000

Finally I have gone back into the studio. It was easy when it was raining last week
but it was sunny and perfect for election day. With winter on its way the studio holds
very little appeal on sunny days. I did finish a painting though.

Carol Wiebe of the blog Silver Spring Studio did a fabulous feature on me.
It was a total surprise. You never know what you are going to find when you open
your email. Check out her blog but also go to her website and look at her lovely art,
she makes cracked paper quilts (which I know nothing about, but find intriguing).

Her blog:
Her website: