Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"Innerspace" Oil on canvas, 30"x48", $2000

Finally I have gone back into the studio. It was easy when it was raining last week
but it was sunny and perfect for election day. With winter on its way the studio holds
very little appeal on sunny days. I did finish a painting though.

Carol Wiebe of the blog Silver Spring Studio did a fabulous feature on me.
It was a total surprise. You never know what you are going to find when you open
your email. Check out her blog but also go to her website and look at her lovely art,
she makes cracked paper quilts (which I know nothing about, but find intriguing).

Her blog:
Her website:


Unknown said...

Innerspace is a faculous painting Katherine. I have seen some of Carol's work when she attended a workshop at our art school this past year. It is intriguing and very lovely work. She did a very nice tribute to you and your work.

annell4 said...

I read the blog by Carol Wiebe. It was really nice. Thanks for the post!

Unknown said...

Innerspace is incredible. worth repeating: incredible.

jbkrost said...

This is really nice!!

Katherine said...

Zappha thank you for the support and reading Carol's post. I had seen the poster for Jeane's class on her blog.

Annell thank you for the visit and the comment and for visiting Carol's blog!

Thank you Sointoit for giving me not one but two incredibles!

Thanks JB, I will have to wander over your way and see what you have been up to.

Don Gray said...

I really like where you took this painting, Katherine...luminous and emotional.

Nice article by Carol.

Katherine said...

Don how nice to hear from you! Thank you for going to Carol's blog and reading her write up. It was quite a surprise for me. I see a dog and a rabbit in this one, in that way it reminds me of Chasing Stars. But I didn't have any rabbit in the studio with me.

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

It's a wonderful painting Katherine. I love your patterns, colors and depths a lot.

Sweet greetz!

Katherine said...

Momo Luna thank you for the feedback and the visit. I love hearing from you.

Don Gray said...

A dog can resemble a rabbit, if you see one out of the corner of your eye.

Katherine said...

Don One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small, but the one that mother gives doesn't do anything at all.

Carol Wiebe said...

How kind of you to say these things about me, Katherine!

I was simply responding to the power of your work, and your philosophy, out of which it comes.

Having met women like Jeane Myers, Sharon Barfoot, Diane Kramer, and having witnessed the words and images that artists such as yourself and Mary Anne Wakeley produce, there has been an exponential increase in my own longing to create work that matters. Work that speaks to others at such a deep level. That is my goal, and I am indebted to your example.

Katherine said...

Thank YOU Carol!