Monday, October 11, 2010


W.I.P, Oil on Canvas, 24x36

I am now in the process of getting the garden and the house ready for winter.
Then I will kick into gear for my show in Portland in April. I do have a piece
on the wall waiting for attention right now. I think it is 24 x 36.

I just finished my first interview. Richard Speer the art critic in Portland tried
but I was closed mouth with him. He called me enigmatic. I consider Richard a
friend so I would probably give him one now. This one was written, which made
it much easier. Anyhow you can see it on Mary Ann Wakeley's new site, The link for the interview is

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Painting, Gallery Show and a Brochure

"Deep Sea Diving", Oil on Canvas, 36x48, $2600
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

"In my case all ...... painting is an accident. I foresee it , yet hardly ever carry
it out as I foresee it. It transforms itself by the actual paint. I don't in fact know
very often what the paint will do and it does many things which are very much
better than i could make it do. Perhaps one could say it is not an accident because
it becomes a selective process which part of the accident one chooses to preserve."
Francis Bacon

My friend Cindy Bilotti sent this quote to me this morning and I love it! It states
perfectly my relationship to paint!

A couple of months ago I submitted to Guardino Gallery's call for artists for 2011.
Yesterday I received the news that I will be showing for the month of April with
sculptural artist Maria Wickwire. I am excited. I showed at this gallery many
years ago, a showing of my drawings. I really like the the gallery, the location
(Alberta St. in Portland), and the gallery owner, Donna Guardino. I have never
seen Maria's work in person but went to her site and saw her beautiful work.
The other part of this that excites me is the fact that I have a deadline and have
to paint. Deadlines are a real motivator for me. Pathetic how difficult it is for me to
get to the studio otherwise! I posted Deep Sea Diving as I walked into the gallery
with a few paintings and I believe this is the one that sold here

On another front I have finally finished the brochure I have been working on for
my other profession and it is published on line at
Check out the lovely blog of M. Heart, she has posted a mention of the brochure in
her posting "links for lunch" today.
Today I plan to order the printing of the actual brochure. If you want a copy or
know the perfect place for a stack of them feel free to email me.