Monday, January 17, 2011


Oil on Canvas, 30x24, $1080
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me

Well what do you know, another painting? She's on a roll
folks. I wish I actually felt that way. I feel a little like I am
slogging through mud and I am not certain that paintings
are done. Anyhow here is a redo of an older painting and I
do feel much better about it than I did the original.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Midnight Rambler

"Midnight Rambler", (Painted Poppy Pandemonium)
The weather forecast for this area last Sunday was
so bad it was laughable. We had three storms headed
our way, very strong winds as you can imagine with
such a convergence, warming temperatures with tons
of rain causing flooding because at that time there was
quite a bit of snow on the mountains and down here in
the valley. The wind came, the warm came, along with
that the melt came, a little rain sprinkled down on us.
The storms never came. I don't know about the flooding,
I imagine the creeks are roaring. All in all it has been a
bit anti-climactic.

To make up for it I have been painting up a storm. I think
this piece is done. I am almost finished with another piece.

Painting puts me through so many changes. It is so difficult
staying with theprocess, enjoying it and believing a piece of
art will emerge, and I will know when it is a painting. So
much of painting abstractly is about being lost and the
painting is lost until it is found and then it is finished or
pretty close to being finished.

You'll be hearing more from me as I prepare for my show
in Portland, Oregon, at Guardino's on Alberta St.. I believe
the opening is March 31st.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vision Quest (Redo)

"Vision Quest", Oil on Canvas, 24x30, $1080
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

Guess who???? Yep it's me, having gone through another
alchemical void, I return, hopefully the better for having
gone through it. I have been in a struggle of birthing
something new. Not in terms of style, but of consistency.
After painting "Innerspace", I felt really happy with what
I had created, but I knew creating something that was as
satisfactory to me would be very difficult, but I wanted to
try. I like the results, but don't know about maintaining it.
It is forcing me to push harder and that is a good thing.
I feel my limits at times as I go up to the edge of my

Any way enough said. Here is the painting. It is a rework
of an older painting I was never completely satisfied with.

All is well in the studio.