Monday, December 26, 2011

The Present:Finding Myself in the Middle of NowHere by Jerry Downs

A gift from Jerry:

Jerry Downs is an unusual being, he is an artist, but much
more than that he is aware of and therefore a witness to the
magic and synchronicities that abound in this life we live.
And he is my friend.

'The Present: Finding Myself in the Middle
of NowHere'
is a photo journal of a journey from Marin County, California
to Boulder, Colorado, and back again, a journey Jerry has taken
many times in his lifetime. I laughed my way through this book
and totally related to what he experienced and how he thinks.
This is more than anything, a book about surrendering to the
moment and the magic that results. Besides being a magical
thinker, Jerry is also an incredible photographer.

During the writing of this book the working title was always
'The Present'. At one point Jerry was planning to self publish
and proceeded as if this would be his course of action and the
result would be a physical book. Then he had the epiphany,
'The Present' would be just that, a present, a gift from him to us.
That's right, this book is free. Download it, read it, pass it on for
free. Let it take you on its' magical mystery tour.

I told you Jerry is an unusual being.