Monday, April 4, 2011

Guardino Show

I have just returned from Portland and my opening at Guardino Gallery.
It was a raging success as far as openings go. Hundreds of people came
and everyone showing sold a piece. Bouquets were delivered and friends
from the internet met for the first time. I saw someone from high school
and met a collector for the first time (you know who you are!). Maria
Wickwire, sculptress for the show was a delight to meet. Donna and her
daughter in law held down the fort with true grace! I had a blast.
It would have been perfect if I hadn't been physically challenged and blew
up like the Michelin man...doing nothing great for my ego. Ah well!

I started the event by meeting up with the extraordinarily interesting
Richard Speer, art critic, and someone I feel fortunate to call a friend,
for lunch. I also had the pleasure of meeting and lunching with artist
Dorothy Goode, Richard's woman friend. We started out a little rocky
as she arrived first, and recognizing her from photos I introduced myself
by saying "You must be Martha?" ...well...since her name is Dorothy
and unbeknownst to me Richards ex is Martha she gave me a very strange
look. We worked it out and she thought I should call her 'babe', which I did,
in fact, for the duration of our lunch. I had a wonderful time and Richard
enjoyed the show. His review can be read here:

Now I am ready to paint.