Monday, August 31, 2009

Olivier Gilet- Art and Meaning

'Healing Song' Archival Ink Jet Print on Canvas, acylic, etc.
2 meters x 3 meters (approximately 6'7"x 9'11")
This image will be featured in an important exhibit
'MacParis' in Paris, France.
(Mac is Manifestation d'art Contemporain/
Contemporary Art Event)

'What is the meaning of doing art for you?'


1) Doing art is like cleaning. Before cleaning I am
looking carefully, as some dust should be permitted
to stay.

2) Looking (perceiving) is very important. Usually
I am using my eyes, sometimes through a lens. It
creates some distance, and thus some space.

3) Doing art is creating space. Dogs are creating
space and frontiers by urinating, birds are singing,
artists are spreading some art forms in a dangerous

4) I am hungry of beauty, but still cannot define it
fully. That's why I am looking further.

5) While doing art, I am communicating with other
cultures & other times. I am a kind of gardener, &
there are a lot of different plants & flowers.

6) While creating art, I try not to fly away, I try
to be there.

7) Being there.

8) I have some cameras, a computer & a printer & several
big Chinese brushes. Those are my friends & my toys in
this game.

9) I am obsessed by the strange relationships between
the beings & their bodies. So I am using bodies in my
pictures. Spiritual beings are not easy to paint or

10) Being there and elsewhere.

11) My best moments in the studio: like a child in nature.
Eating light & colors.

12) What's the most dangerous: to be naked in the studio,
or outside?

13) The studio I am dreaming of: Horseshoe Canyon in

14) There is some ecstatic feeling connected with creation.
But doing art is also a job. The archetypal job.

15) Doing art, yes, is a cleaning job. I love the idea of
cleaning the world with forms & colors...& my brushes are
not big enough...

16) I cannot work in the studio without thinking to all
the other beings being there somewhere & creating &
communicating & trying all together to clean the
world...while letting some dust on the shelves, too...

17) Doing art on a continuous basis is like continuously
coming back to a lost paradise, a native universe.

18) That's it, it's how I feel, in a naked world, without
Olivier Gilet, Brussels Belgium

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Elbow Room- New eBay

Oil on Canvas, 9"x6" SOLD

Yesterday was a weird day. I didn't feel that great but I
managed to pull myself into the studio and finish, with
ease I might add, 2 paintings. One of them is large and
I had been struggling with it until yesterday when I went
in and did a few things to it and called it done and named it.
I'll post it next week. I also repainted what used to be
'Traffic Jam' and renamed it 'Elbow Room". I have been
thinking that a lot lately about where I live, that there is
elbow room.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brian Forrest- Art and Meaning

'Horn' Oil on canvas 28"x22"

"What is the meaning of doing art for you?"

Doing art is a cross between a crap shoot, finding
your way out of the woods, and performing a magic
act. Each time I begin to paint I feel like I am walking
a tightrope—sometimes scary, sometimes exciting,
sometimes very quiet, and always, always surprising;
leading me where I never expected to go. Doing art
makes me lose all sense of time and place and go
inside one long moment of creating.

Whenever I feel a painting in my gut, I know this is
why I paint. Its colors are the message. I feel them
before my mind has a chance to get involved. Color
is the most agile and dynamic medium to create joy.
And if you can find joy in your art, then you’ve found
something worth holding on to.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caroline Douglas- Art and Meaning

'Hobby Llama' Salt Fired Stoneware at cone 10 14"x9"x7"

"What meaning does doing art have for you?"

Art has been a part of my life since as early as I can
remember. The process of making art is a time of joy
and delight, and has often been very healing for me.
After a severe head injury, I created collages and small
pieces to help in my recovery. I would make a bust and
think it was done. The next day I could see that the
eyes or shoulders were not straight, and I would work on
correcting that. That process helped my brain to heal.
One year during this time, I created a 365-day journal in
clay. Each day I gave myself permission to make anything,
whatever I felt like making, with the only stipulation
being that I spend only 20 minutes. Some days I just
poked holes in clay as a way of soothing my nervous
system. I displayed the whole year in calendar form at
the library. It was very empowering.

Art is my way of connecting with myself and my world,
and expressing the joy and wonder of life.

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Her phone is: 303.746.2530

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Seismic Oil on Canvas 14"x11" $275

I wanted you to see the lovely painting my friend
Rachel sent me for my birthday. It is 6"x6" and now hanging
in my kitchen, the Rachel Gallery. She did a whole series of
Pigeons from her trip to San Francisco. I have coveted them
and now I own one!!!
Check out her blog she is doing some very cool film
noire paintings as of late. Thank you Rachel for this
little beauty!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mariah O'Neill

'The Visit' watercolor and gouache, 9 1/8 in by 8 5/8 in.

"What meaning does doing art have for you?"

Painting has evolved for me, so there are many answers
to this question. It is a nonverbal thing - about feelings
and processes more than meanings...about being present
and connecting. In 2002 I began drawing, just animals ,
because I felt connected to them. This was after a long
chronic illness, which persists, in order to salvage something
from the wreckage. For many years it was forced , I drew
and painted very rarely, because of a really brutal inner
critic. Finally,about two years ago,the critic got the boot.

I' d say that painting began as a way to defy death, which
was in fact on my shoulder. For me art defines a moment,
it is a meditation on the present moment.... it is a celebration
of life in the face of loss, as well as daily insults. As in Galway
Kinnell's poem , The Flower of Five Blossoms, it matters
that we go on singing. I agree with Billy Elliot, in the movie,
when he said of dancing that it helps him to disappear...
what a relief.

I do a lot of self portraits, for lack of any other models...
they have become a sort of inquiry into my various selves,
masks...asking "who am I?" It may seem narcissistic, but,
far from it for at fifty seven , it's really no picnic looking into
the mirror.....Each portrait is a process asking that question,
and bringing forth one of the many selves.. hopefully so
others can see parts of themselves also. I enter into it not
knowing what will happen, each time new, open, often scared,
I paint to find out what gives and am often surprised .

I love paint and color... I am curious and love to find out
what if I put this mark here, this color /shape there. In the
moment of painting, it simply makes me feel better, even

I love beauty, and I wanted to leave behind something

Visit more of Mariah's work at:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Angel giclee- New eBay

Archival ink on Hahnemulle Paper. Bid here

I am thinking I might discontinue printing my
Angel Giclee in order to allow those who own
it to have a piece of art that is a limited edition.
It is the first of my drawings I printed. I have
one more in my possession and one at Pendleton
Arts. I have decided to put the one I have on eBay.
I have started the auction at 1/2 the original price.
It is the 24"x18" size and has been started at $75.
If you know anyone who might be interested please
pass this along. It is printed with archival ink on
Hahnemulle paper and is a very nice quality.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oswego- eBay

Oil on canvas, 9"x6" eBay bid here
(starts at 1/2 price $47.50)

Thank you to all of your Birthday wishes. It
was beautiful in Joseph. We also went to
Wallowa Lake and found the road to the houses
on the other side of the lake from where all the
visitors go. We went for a short walk there
and saw at eye level an Osprey in her nest.
Phenomenal! Kirby and I have this game we play
where we count the number of birds of prey
we see on a road trip. Yesterday it was 13
hawks, 3 Osprey and 2 Falcons. So wonderful
living in big sky country!

I found out why I was stung on the same finger.
When a wasp stings it secretes a Pheromone.
That attracts other wasps. Simple. And I thought
it was me!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Oil on canvas, 30"x40" SOLD

It's my birthday and I am flying out the door.
We're headed to Joseph, one of my favorite
visuals in Eastern Oregon. Check it out:

Meanwhile I am posting an earlier piece of
mine that was quite spontaneous.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Click on image to enlarge. Giclee print available.

Archival Ink on Hahnemulle paper
If you are interested in purchasing a print please
email me at

Randy Wallace
"I like him up close and personal... the picture on the
web site does not do him justice...I have seen them in
the wild...they are amazing animals."

Dr. Ruth Davenport
"I am fortunate to have in my life Katherine's "Coyote"
Giclee print. I have it in my office where I spend most
of my time, so I get to greet her every day when I enter.
I love the neutral tones, rusts, and blues, but even more,
I am in awe of how Katherine captured the cunning and
whimsy we know to be Coyote's spirit. She has caught
her mid-stride, and conveyed motion and and intention
both in the eyes and feet. She is poised for action, we
get a sense of the movement and focus characteristics
of this trickster. Kin to my totem Wolf, Coyote brings
to each day a feeling of guidance, protection, and a
reminder to not take the burdens of the day too seriously!
Thanks Katherine for this remarkable gift!"

Diane Kramer
"I purchased a print of "Coyote" from Katherine Treffinger
and I was very impressed with the fine appearance. The
colors are rich and dynamic and in no way does it look like
a print of low quality. Most people, including myself, think
it is a painting and not a print. I am very happy and pleased
with the print and am glad I was able to purchase it."

Kerry Loewen
"I love your print! I'm hanging it in my new office."

Dianna Wooley
Although Mr. Coyote does not hang on my studio
walls, I fell in love with him when he was on sale
in the Carnegie Art Center in Walla Walla. A terrific
looking piece!"

So there you have it. Know any one that would like to have
a Coyote hangin' around? 22"x30" $250 and 18"x24" $150.
Big is beautiful!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Faiza Khan- Art and Meaning

'Hope at the End of the Rainbow' Oil on canvas, 3'x3.5'

"What meaning does doing art have for you?"

Art for me is a source of strength, something that cleanses
my soul and uplifts my spirit. Art has been my survival
factor, giving meaning to life and letting me express myself.
It is something necessary in the surroundings I live in. It's
rather a weapon that I use against increasing extremism in
attitudes of some people in our community. Art is love and
is for love. It is for conveying the message of love and making
people closer, therefore, I believe it is the most important
tool to bring about peace in our daily lives and in the whole
world. I am incomplete without art and I am stronger and
expressive with art. It is a language that I know the best. I
connect to other people and myself through art, making it an
essential part of my life.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mrs. Mulwray

Charcoal on paper, collection of Kirby Ferris

I am having a weird morning. The day before yesterday
I lifted something up outside and unknown to me there
was a hornets nest and I was stung about 7 or 8 times
on my finger. By last night I had a difficult time sleeping
because my finger and hand are so swollen that I don't
think it could swell anymore. So I go to something I had
volunteered for this A.M. and what happens? Another wasp
stings me on the same finger. Does this qualify for weird?
Kirby asked me 'if this is a random Universe what is the
chance of this happening?' Since neither of us think it is
random more theories appeared. Kirby thought maybe it
was a harmonious event, the Universes' 'hornet homeopathics'
treatment.????? Maybe...... I actually had the same thought.
That's how weird we are.

Have a better day than I'm having.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alicia Tormey- Art and Meaning

Evolution, 2008, Encaustic w/mixed media, 72” x 72”

"What meaning does doing art have for you?"

When I began thinking about art and meaning it occurred
to me that being an artist is more than a profession or
trade… it is a way of life. I look at my studio practice as
I imagine an athlete approaches their daily training rituals
each day we are striving to improve over the last. As
humans we are all naturally creative so the act of making
art feels like the most authentic action for me. I recently

read this quote that I feel sums it up: “Everybody is an artist.
Everyone is god. It’s just that they are inhibited” – Yoko Ono

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Oil on canvas, 14"x11" SOLD
Don has offered for me to come back with another
large canvas so I am earmarking this for a roll of canvas
if it sells. I was looking at canvas yesterday on line when
my 7 year old friend Damien came to visit. He asked if I
was going to get the kind of canvas I was looking at and
I said I didn't have the money right now. His response was
"Well then you should sell lemonade!".

So today I am going to remember if life hands you a bowl
of lemons make lemonade...... and sell it. On that note,
have a great day and if you see a kid selling lemonade buy
some for me.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bridgette Guerzon Mills- Art and Meaning

'Lesson Plans', Encaustic, 8"x16"

"What meaning does doing art have for you?"

Every time I come to my easel or table to work, I am
so grateful to have this channel of expression and the
dedicated time and space to do so. I see my paintings
as personal narratives. I draw upon my daily
experiences, observations, and personal history. And
through the act of creating, I attempt to make sense
of it all! In that sense doing art is like an inner dialogue
with myself. This dialogue is an essential one, without
which life would be a little less intriguing.

As a mother of a two year old, balancing time and
finding the energy is a constant issue. But at the same
time, there is no question about it. Doing art is as part
of me as saying that I am right handed. Being a
mother enriches my art and my art, I believe, enriches
my mothering. I feel fortunate that my art allows me
my "sacred time"- a time where the outer world quiets
down so that I can tune into myself. Doing art allows
me to find that core of me and let it come out onto
canvas through form and color.

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web site:
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Virgin of Guadelupe

Oil on canvas 67"x31"

Yes, I am a member of Facebook. There are several
questionnaires moving around Facebook right now
that are both annoying and fun. They are time
consuming if you choose to do them but fun to come
up with the answers. The best though is to read the
answers of your friends, especially my high school
friends who I had lost contact with and now am in
daily contact with. One such question is a list of your
firsts. In honor of this questionnaire which is sitting
waiting for my answer I am posting my first painting.
I had been working with oil pastels before this and the
work was very primitive. A friend was giving away a
bunch of canvases and I took them. One of them was
perfect for a painting I had wanting to do. It was way
over my head (not the canvas the subject) but I proceeded.
Luckily a friend invited me to come paint in her studio in
S.F. for it was a large painting. The painting took me almost
a year to complete. Now it is in my private collection. It
is inspired by my many wonderful trips to Mexico and
Guatemala in the 70's and to all those bus drivers that
passed vehicles on blind corners crossing them selves with
a statue of this lovely lady glued to their dash board.

The next question is the first 50 bands I went to see. That
kept me awake last night because it was so fun to think about.
I AM a child of the 60's from the S.F Bay Area!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Embarcadero- New eBay

Oil on canvas, 9"x6", SOLD

Sorry I am so late today. I ran off this morning to help
Don take his mural off the wall and wrap it for transport.
So finally here I am getting to my blog.

Last night was so fantastic here in Cove. It has been so hot
for so long but last night I sat on the front porch and watched
the rain and lightening in 70 degree weather. What a joy that
was! It is the small things folks.

Thank you to those of you that bid on the last eBay auction.
What a good feeling to actually have an auction take place.
This is the first time it wasn't just one person bidding!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Monk

Charcoal and gesso on paper 30x22 Sold

When visiting yesterday with Cindy we talked about
our days at The Drawing Studio where we met. This
is a storefront drawing school on Division in Portland
owned by Phil Sylvester. I went there for a couple of
years, once a week. He really teaches creativity much
more than drawing and he hugely influenced all of my
work. Cindy and I talked about how we still hear him
teaching when we work. I learned next to nothing about
rendering from him but rather how to see and how to
be creative with what I see. Thank you Phil.

Today's posting is a drawing I did at the Drawing Studio.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Oil on canvas, 9"x6", $95 plus shipping
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

I am going to be brief because today my friend Cindy
Bilotti and her family are visiting and I have much to
do before the heat sets in. Good luck! So here is a
painting I repainted this weekend.

Have a great day and stay cool, unless you are down
under and then you'd want to stay warm.