Monday, August 17, 2009

Faiza Khan- Art and Meaning

'Hope at the End of the Rainbow' Oil on canvas, 3'x3.5'

"What meaning does doing art have for you?"

Art for me is a source of strength, something that cleanses
my soul and uplifts my spirit. Art has been my survival
factor, giving meaning to life and letting me express myself.
It is something necessary in the surroundings I live in. It's
rather a weapon that I use against increasing extremism in
attitudes of some people in our community. Art is love and
is for love. It is for conveying the message of love and making
people closer, therefore, I believe it is the most important
tool to bring about peace in our daily lives and in the whole
world. I am incomplete without art and I am stronger and
expressive with art. It is a language that I know the best. I
connect to other people and myself through art, making it an
essential part of my life.

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Ria Vanden Eynde said...

I love this answer-again!:)-reading them all day by day, I feel that there is no uniquely valid, say-all answer, that how we think about meaning depends on where we are in life, or in the world. It's as if what we read here are like tactile, 'real' fragments of a puzzle for us to put together, so as to look at our own reason(s) for doing what we're doing...beautiful!

M.A. Wakeley said...

Katherine, thank you for featuring Faiza. It is a pleasure to read her insight into art and what it means to her. I can relate to everything she has written here. Congrats Faiza! I adore your work. Stay inspired :-) m.a.

Dianna Woolley said...

Katherine, I enjoyed visiting Faiza's website and hearing her words of inspiration about her art. You have uncovered some lovely artists and beautiful work, thanks for sharing them!

faiza khan said...

I read the comments this morning and want to thank you all. Katherine gave me a chance to participate in this interesting segment. It's a great idea and gives such an insight into different meanings that art can hold for different people. Whatever the meaning one thing is clear that art becomes some sort of addiction at some stage and then we do it because we just have to.

Jeane Myers said...

ah Katherine, another of my favorite artists and I love her statement - thank you both :)

RK said...

I like this piece Faiza I also like what you wrote here and totally feel that truth in my own life... by the way Flickr has been an amazing source of inspiration for me, salute!

Katherine said...

Ria you have done my heart good with your response. This is exactly my purpose in doing this project, to create the whole answer through many responses.

Katherine said...

Mary Ann thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. I too enjoy Faiza's art and love what she has to say. My favorite being that it is the language I speak. I feel that way. It is where I feel the most articulate.

Katherine said...

Dianna thank you for being so receptive.

Katherine said...

Thank you Faiza for participating in my art and meaning project. You are a wonderful addition to an ever building group of artists.

Katherine said...

Thank you Jeane!

Katherine said...

Rachel I actually thought about you when I was posting this today in that I feel you equate art with love. Thank you for stopping by.

Faiza Khan said...

Jeane, Ria, Katherine thankyou all for such kind comments. I'm so glad to share my thoughts with friends like you.

Catherine L Mommsen said...

Faiza said in her comment: "Whatever the meaning one thing is clear that art becomes some sort of addiction at some stage and then we do it because we just have to." How perfectly stated. We do it because we just have to. My heart and mind agree completely with Faiza's viewpoint.