Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Embarcadero- New eBay

Oil on canvas, 9"x6", SOLD

Sorry I am so late today. I ran off this morning to help
Don take his mural off the wall and wrap it for transport.
So finally here I am getting to my blog.

Last night was so fantastic here in Cove. It has been so hot
for so long but last night I sat on the front porch and watched
the rain and lightening in 70 degree weather. What a joy that
was! It is the small things folks.

Thank you to those of you that bid on the last eBay auction.
What a good feeling to actually have an auction take place.
This is the first time it wasn't just one person bidding!


Unknown said...

Wonderful abstract Katherine. I wish you would send some of that hot weather up here. It has been unusually cold here.

Katherine said...

Thanks Zappha. Maybe the weather is coming your direction it is supposed to be in the 70's here today. Where do you live?


Hello, love your blog - thank you so much for sharing it ! Beautiful pictures.

Katherine said...

Thank you Elise. Very nice to meet you. I am going to have to go check out your blog.