Friday, August 7, 2009

Virgin of Guadelupe

Oil on canvas 67"x31"

Yes, I am a member of Facebook. There are several
questionnaires moving around Facebook right now
that are both annoying and fun. They are time
consuming if you choose to do them but fun to come
up with the answers. The best though is to read the
answers of your friends, especially my high school
friends who I had lost contact with and now am in
daily contact with. One such question is a list of your
firsts. In honor of this questionnaire which is sitting
waiting for my answer I am posting my first painting.
I had been working with oil pastels before this and the
work was very primitive. A friend was giving away a
bunch of canvases and I took them. One of them was
perfect for a painting I had wanting to do. It was way
over my head (not the canvas the subject) but I proceeded.
Luckily a friend invited me to come paint in her studio in
S.F. for it was a large painting. The painting took me almost
a year to complete. Now it is in my private collection. It
is inspired by my many wonderful trips to Mexico and
Guatemala in the 70's and to all those bus drivers that
passed vehicles on blind corners crossing them selves with
a statue of this lovely lady glued to their dash board.

The next question is the first 50 bands I went to see. That
kept me awake last night because it was so fun to think about.
I AM a child of the 60's from the S.F Bay Area!


Sharon Barfoot said...

I imagine growing up in the 'hippy' era in S.F. Bay was far different the being a hippy in southern Ontario Canada. I was a 'back to the land' style hippy living on a farm. I did large weavings at that time and only painted occasionally. This is a wonderful memory piece for you. Your talent emerged quite early.

Kayce aka lucy said...

a very remarkable and inspirational "first"!!

Katherine said...

Zappha this painting was done in 1996. I wish I had started early. I mean I really wish I had started early, I would have gone to art school, I would be much my developed on every level of being an artist.

Katherine said...

Thanks Lucy it taught me how to paint.

ArtPropelled said...

A brilliant first painting Katherine and I love the thought of bus drivers crossing themselves on blind corners.

Katherine said...

Robyn I am sure you experience many similar things in Africa, part of the lovely tapestry of different cultures coming together.