Friday, August 28, 2009

Elbow Room- New eBay

Oil on Canvas, 9"x6" SOLD

Yesterday was a weird day. I didn't feel that great but I
managed to pull myself into the studio and finish, with
ease I might add, 2 paintings. One of them is large and
I had been struggling with it until yesterday when I went
in and did a few things to it and called it done and named it.
I'll post it next week. I also repainted what used to be
'Traffic Jam' and renamed it 'Elbow Room". I have been
thinking that a lot lately about where I live, that there is
elbow room.


Don Bishop said...

Very nice as they all are.

Don Gray said...

I watched a film last night called "Inspirations," profiling various artists. The glass artist Dale Chihuly spoke about how there was no real correlation between how someone felt and whether they could do good work in the studio. He said one might come in with a hangover (not your problem, I'm sure :) and still make something inspired. So he stressed the importance of just showing up. And that's what you did--good for you!

Katherine said...

Now this is weird. I have 2 comments and they are both Dons.

Thank you Don B. Your last piece is beautiful.

Don G.: Margueritas at Doug and Melissa's for her birthday. Just like drinking smoothies they were cherry and blueberry. Busted.

RK said...

really wonderful.

Katherine said...

Thanks Rachel!

Nicki said...

This is really striking. I love the oranges and reds and little bits of pink against the green. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Anonymous said...

Great use of colour, Katherine. Quite zingy :)

Katherine said...

Thank youNicki. I was just looking at your work. Love how you handle water.

Katherine said...

Think you Kim and nice to meet you.