Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Oil on canvas, 14"x11" SOLD
Don has offered for me to come back with another
large canvas so I am earmarking this for a roll of canvas
if it sells. I was looking at canvas yesterday on line when
my 7 year old friend Damien came to visit. He asked if I
was going to get the kind of canvas I was looking at and
I said I didn't have the money right now. His response was
"Well then you should sell lemonade!".

So today I am going to remember if life hands you a bowl
of lemons make lemonade...... and sell it. On that note,
have a great day and if you see a kid selling lemonade buy
some for me.


RK said...

Nice one! xo ~R

Meri said...

Let's hope there's an upswell of interest in your piece on EBay. Thanks for featuring Bridgitte - I came here to see your site after reading her post about it. She's fabulous, isn't she?

butterfly woman said...

Hi Katherine,
I came here via Uta's blog and am glad I did. Being a colorist and sometimes abstract painter myself, I LOVE "Caravan". I will be watching your image on Ebay with interest as I have pondered whether to start listing my art there.Right now I'm just starting out on Etsy. This piece is stunning and will sell, for sure.
Start making room for those canvas rolls.
I'll be back. You do beautiful work!!!!!
P.S. I love your story. Very whimsical.

Uta said...

Good luck with your sale. The universe has a way of providing what you need. Have faith.

Katherine said...

Thank you Rachel.

Katherine said...

Meri welcome to the blog and yes Bridgette's work and response is fantastic.

Katherine said...

Butterfly woman thank you for coming to visit and for your encouragement. Nice to meet you.

Katherine said...

Thank you Uta. How's Scarlett today?

Kelly Snelling said...

it's gorgeous. those jewel tones sure do pop with that great green/yellow.

Jeane Myers said...

this reminds me of a patchwork quilt Katherine - I really like it - yep!, art piling up in my work space, but I just keep painting - times are hard right now, but I am hopeful - pulling for an eBay sell for you :)

Dean Grey said...


I especially love the purples and blues in this one!


Katherine said...

Jeez I just saw I never responded here to you Kelly, Jeane and Dean. Thanks for your comments and support!