Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oswego- eBay

Oil on canvas, 9"x6" eBay bid here
(starts at 1/2 price $47.50)

Thank you to all of your Birthday wishes. It
was beautiful in Joseph. We also went to
Wallowa Lake and found the road to the houses
on the other side of the lake from where all the
visitors go. We went for a short walk there
and saw at eye level an Osprey in her nest.
Phenomenal! Kirby and I have this game we play
where we count the number of birds of prey
we see on a road trip. Yesterday it was 13
hawks, 3 Osprey and 2 Falcons. So wonderful
living in big sky country!

I found out why I was stung on the same finger.
When a wasp stings it secretes a Pheromone.
That attracts other wasps. Simple. And I thought
it was me!


ArtPropelled said...

Katherine, my hubby and I count the raptors on our road trips too. Many hoorays when sighting Crested Eagles.
I do love Oswego! ...and belated Happy Birthday to you!

Don Gray said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Katherine!

So our speculation was right--there is a reason for the second sting. It's not such a crazy coincidence after all! (Still, it's pretty crazy!)

Katherine said...

Thank you Robyn.If you ever want to bid on anything go for it. There is no place to check will ship to Africa, but I will. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I bet you have some incredible raptors.

Katherine said...

Thank you Don and yes it is nuts!