Friday, January 14, 2011

Midnight Rambler

"Midnight Rambler", (Painted Poppy Pandemonium)
The weather forecast for this area last Sunday was
so bad it was laughable. We had three storms headed
our way, very strong winds as you can imagine with
such a convergence, warming temperatures with tons
of rain causing flooding because at that time there was
quite a bit of snow on the mountains and down here in
the valley. The wind came, the warm came, along with
that the melt came, a little rain sprinkled down on us.
The storms never came. I don't know about the flooding,
I imagine the creeks are roaring. All in all it has been a
bit anti-climactic.

To make up for it I have been painting up a storm. I think
this piece is done. I am almost finished with another piece.

Painting puts me through so many changes. It is so difficult
staying with theprocess, enjoying it and believing a piece of
art will emerge, and I will know when it is a painting. So
much of painting abstractly is about being lost and the
painting is lost until it is found and then it is finished or
pretty close to being finished.

You'll be hearing more from me as I prepare for my show
in Portland, Oregon, at Guardino's on Alberta St.. I believe
the opening is March 31st.


DMG said...

Aha! I'm the first to comment! I've been checking daily to see if you had finished one of the paintings you've been working on, and today I was not disappointed. I love the name of this painting, as well as the darker undertones, which are not typical of you. The dark plum contrasted with vibrant pink is stunning. This painting is evokative of dark (but not evil) magic. You words about losing the painting and then finding again ring so true. This morning I awoke and knew that didn't have much to do to finish the painting I've been working on, but I knew that I had lost it. I was filled with a sense of dread. I didn't feel that the piece would ever evolve into anything, but I started painting anyway. I swear, that, in the last five minutes of working, with a piece of charcoal in my hands, I found it! Katherine, I am so glad I have you to explain it all to me. Can't wait to see the next one!

Katherine said...

Thank you Kathy, a conversation with my friend Don helped me have patience with the project.

Don Gray said...

It's beautiful, Katherine.

Katherine said...

Thank you Don. I am still not convinced it is finished. Whatta ya gonna do?

Shelley Whiting said...

The colors are very lush and vibrant. There is a lot of drama and excitement in this piece. Love your textures and those drips.

Katherine said...

Shelley thank you. I reworked this piece and it became Poppy Pandemonium and sold. I felt this piece was almost there but not quite so I went back in. Happens alot in my world.