Friday, November 12, 2010


W.I.P., Oil on canvas, 30"x24"

Well finally I am back at it in full speed in the studio with 2 paintings
going at the same time. I have the darndest time being consistent in
my style! That is what galleries want, a consistent show, in style, that
is. Do any of you artists out there have the same issue? I mean artists
are supposed to be creative right? Oh, don't listen to me, in some
ways I supposed it's good for me as it pushes me to keep going, keep
working the painting until it works with the rest in some way.

I am in the process of going back and looking at paintings I have hanging
around the house and asking if I love the painting and if I don't I am going
back in and reworking it. That is what I am doing with this work in process.
I felt it was the weakest piece in my Satellite Gallery show so now it is
completely changed and already I like it better even though it has a ways to


annell4 said...

Yes. I think it is to be a woman, we are multi faceted and we want to express things differently. I have always had that problem. You know, too, a painting or piece of art work is a record of that moment, and we grow and we change. So when we review, we come with different eyes.

Katherine said...

Thank you Annell for the feedback. I am always in a different place it seems and I love to be playful with paint it sometimes feels like a contradiction to fit into a style.

DJ said...

Thank you so much for saying it: Consistency? or Creativity?
Yes, I struggle with it also.
Please post any insights or answers to this; I'm all ears...or uh, eyes.

DMG said...

It is impossible for me to focus on one style. I paint what I feel and what I need to learn. Your instinctual painting is incredible and inspires me, Katherine. Do your thing!

Katherine said...

DJ I will think on it more and post whatever I come up with in a future posting.

Thank you Kathy you have really been coming along with your paintings lately. Rock out!

Unknown said...

My friend, Terry, sent me to your blog... so glad she did, such fantastic work!

Katherine said...

Thank you Judi that is very nice to hear. Thanks for the visit.

Unknown said...

I think if you continue to paint with 'soul' it will come through as a consistent style. The content may change, the method may change, a lot may change but it will still be recognizable as a painting by Katherine. Your paintings continue to excite me when I view you are doing it right. Having said all that, I worry about the same thing. I am an experimenter so often I jump all over and have no consistent style that is mine.

Anonymous said...

yup consistency is key! I like to take what i did in one painting and then the next painting take it a bit further...i guess exploring the what ifs over and over until you have now created a body of work on that subject...hard to do...oh and remember a painting is never done, we just stop in interesting places!

Katherine said...

Zappha you definitely have a consistent style! I'd know one of your paintings anywhere. Thanks for the support. I seem to be somewhat lost when I approach the canvas these days. I think I'll take that as a good sign, considering the alternative.

Katherine said...

Thanks for making me smile Roberta.