Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Times Square

"Times Square", Oil on canvas, 36"x48", $2600

As I sit at the computer this morning it is 0 degrees F or -18 C.
We usually have a cold snap like this once or twice a winter and
thank goodness it does not last long. The high today is supposed
to be 7 F, with a wind chill factor brrrrr. Last night I woke up feeling
a little short on oxygen and Kirby was already awake coughing.
Does something happen to the air when it gets this cold? It's very
dry I am thirsty all the time. You must understand I grew up in a
temperate environment where right now they are all complaining
because it is down in the 30's.

The good news is I am spending my time in the studio. Yesterday
I rearranged the studio and finished a painting. Fun!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving all of you here in the USA. I am very
thank-full this year. Thank you for following my art and being in my life.

Oh, by the way, I think this painting is done.


Poetic Artist said...

Always enjoy your art..I see you are still not sure if it is finished..
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

The painting is awesome as usual Katherine. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and bundle up. You may have to move to Canada to get warm.

DJ said...

Times Square?
You really nailed it, kid!
Well done.
Eat turkey.
Stay warm.
Paint some more.

Katherine said...

Katelyn it is finished, Happy Thanksgiving, thanks for the visit. (Did I spell your name right?)

Katherine said...

Zappha you are funny, go ahead rub it in! I''ll come up there for a tan. I'd say have a happy Thanksgiving but Canada has Thanksgiving in October right? Glad you like the painting dear, I always value your opinion.

Katherine said...

I know DJ it isn't square. Thanks for the complement, hitting it is the ultimate isn't it? I will keep painting! And actually I am having smoked goat not turkey. How creative is that? Gobble, gobble.

ArtPropelled said...

Awesome painting, Katherine!!

Have a great Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate it here but I'll be thinking of all my friends in the States.

Katherine said...

Thank you Robyn! This is one holiday I think should be celebrated daily. The gratitude part anyhow.

Dogs by Bri said...


It looks like it's breathing. The layering, or history, in it is beautiful. I really appreciated our time together the other day.

See you soon.


Katherine said...

Thanks Bri. It was fun. I'll have to go to your blog and see if you finished the quilt!

shirley fachilla said...

My abstract artist friends also have questions about just when a work is finished. Sometimes it's hard to tell; sometimes it changes from one moment to another.
I like your spontaneity and the luscious color.

Katherine said...

Shirley thank you for that. I was talking to someone about my process and said I do my best work when spontaneous (don't we all) and then I had a wonderful spontaneous out pouring and finished the painting. I had been feeling majorly stuck with it before.

Kathryn Zbrzezny said...

This is so gorgeous! I'm freezing in WNY. Your work warms me...Kathy

Katherine said...

Thank you Kathy. I know about freezing weather. Keep looking at color, it keeps the blues away.