Thursday, March 26, 2009

Number Nine

Oil on canvas, 14"x11" $275 plus shipping
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

It is sunny here today after a snowfall yesterday in
which some of the biggest flakes I have ever seen fell
from the sky. Amazing! It was hard to concentrate in
the studio looking at those flakes. The neighborhood
kids are off for Spring break and I took them and the
dogs for 2 walks in the snow, Josie is 8 and Damian 6
and it was wonderful spending so much time with them.
They remind me to be playful with life and break some
rules and most importantly don't be afraid of getting your
feet wet.


Unknown said...

Very impressive works. Wonderful harmony and colours and contrasts.

Katherine said...

Thank you very much Galina.

Dean Grey said...

Visually interesting. Not a boring spot on this painting.

My eye did catch the number 9 right away, but what does that number mean?

Aaargh. Now I will be obsessing over that until I find out!

Great painting though.


Katherine said...

Number Nine? Number Nine? Number Nine?

Dean Grey said...