Friday, April 17, 2009


Oil on canvas, Sold

My blog is being no picnic today I will tell you that!
I tried to post an Art and Meaning post today and
the text would not post. Oh well. Here is a little
piece of mine.


Sunrise Sister said...

Oh, this yellow piece sings today - at last some sunshine. This is a rich little work. Thanks for sharing it!

Jeane Myers said...

hmmm, cyberspace - it can be so contrary and mysterious - the good part is, we get to see another of your fabulous pieces...

Katherine said...

Thank you Dianna.

Katherine said...

Thank you Jeane aren't you nice!

Dean Grey said...


"Picnic" is noticeably simpler compared to the previous "Pollination" painting.

Less crazy and wild and more neat and orderly.

I prefer "Pollination" over this one but that's just my personal preference.


Katherine said...

Dean this painting is 9"x6" and pollination is 48"x36".
Much easier to get wild and crazy at that size!