Wednesday, February 24, 2010


'Primavera' 14"X11" oil on canvas, $275
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at

I can't pretend to call this a daily but I am back at it in
the studio. After 2 false starts trying to do something
completely different and being extremely frustrated,
my friend Cindy shared with me a dream in which
she was told that just because the train had stopped she
didn't need to switch trains, just wait until the train is
repaired and it will get going again. That was a profound
message for me, as I have often jumped trains and lost
what I had built. Well the train is moving again and I
am changed by the repairs in ways I am not all together
conscious of.

Yesterday I went for a walk for .6 mile up hill and down
hill. It was a large breakthrough for me. Amazing how
large things that were once given are now. Being upright
and walking is a fantastic thing!


Unknown said...

awfully nice to see you back at the wheel.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your metaphor is perfect. I believe we are all given grace and there you are walking...hiking and so many things are just a memory now...I'm waving and very happy for your recovery, however that takes in shape and form!

Anonymous said...

Katherine, I'm so pleased to hear you're getting better and are back in the saddle. Your friend's advice was wonderful. That is advice I need to keep in mind myself when things aren't going my way. And good for you for trying something completely new in the studio! It reminds me that Matt Lamb is going through some real soul-searching this winter about whether or not to allow drips into his paintings. Anyway, kudos to you for coming out the other side of the tunnel! I'm so very pleased. Richard

DMG said...

This painting looks like a celebration, and, heaven knows, I think you are due exactly that! The depth of layers here is mezmerizing and I love the rosy red with all the jubilant shades of gold and the contrast of the blue. I could study this one for a long time (and probably will). You just keep on trucking, Katherine!

Katherine said...

Dan, how nice to hear from you here in blogland. Hope it has dried out for you a bit in the Bay Area!

Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

Mary Ann it is so nice to have your support and to read the lovely way you put it. My intention has been to walk in and with grace after the scare I received in falling. Grace be with you also.

Katherine said...

Richard, how wonderful to hear from you! Yes, back in the saddle and it feels good. My best to Matt and his relationship to his creative decision making. I know whatever he decides he will paint incredible work. Are you a published novelist yet?

Katherine said...

You also Kathy! You are really rocking with your paintings these days, keep it up I love watching your progress and process. Got to love your colors!

Unknown said...

K, thinking on "dream" message from Cindy, I know that I usually disembark and head onward (or is it outward?)..... generally finding my way back to the "station" with a few new things in my bag, and few things left behind.

Anonymous said...

Katherine, thanks for your comment on my blog. Richard also passed along your kind words from your blog, and I wanted to say congratulations on your good news with your ankle and getting back to painting. I think that the adverse situations that happen to me are learning mechanisms sent by the spirits to get me to either change direction, slow down, get faster, or whatever. Things that we think at the time are the worst things that could happen to us, very often turn out to be not “down” times but up times, learning experiences, empowering. Even though we are disabled for awhile in our art pursuit, we are still living it through our imaginations, our memories, and our exploratins in our heads. Sometimes it’s a gift that tells us, “Get off the horse for awhile and relax!” I went through that last year with my back. It had to do with my ability to bend over and do the heavy work that I have to do in my painting. But I found new ways to manipulate my old body and look at objects, procedures, and movements in a new way. I think we are all growing, and the only way we don’t grow is to think that we have arrived at some mythical goal. I don’t believe there are any goals; everything just is what it is. At the time, it seems like a pain, but it could be really a blessing, although we probably won’t know the reasons until we leave this dimension and go on to another. Congratulations again on getting back up to speed. Look forward to hearing from you again, Matt