Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Claret and Abuqui New eBay

'Claret' Oil on canvas, 9"x6" SOLD
'Abuquiu' ,Oil on canvas, 14"x11" SOLD

I have posted two new ebay auctions this morning
after the last one completed.

I struggled with the image of 'Claret' in photoshop
trying to get the red as true as it is, but I only
succeeded in making the image a bit dark, at least
it isn't as red orange as before I started.

It is Spring like here this week with crocuses in
bloom, the Tulips and daffodils coming up and
buds showing on trees and bushes. What an odd
Winter it has been! But I am not complaining, I
could be in Florida or Texas, where it has been
unusually cold.


georgia long said...

yummm, these are nice

Katherine said...

Thanks Georgia!

Jeane Myers said...

wow! Katherine these are fabulous!

Katherine said...

Why thank you Jeane.

DMG said...

How cool is this? I was the first bidder on Claret. Come to think of it...I also hope to be the last!

DMG said...

Well, I was outsmarted on this one, but that's not so hard to do. But I'm gloating because it's hanging on my wall!