Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Galleries and Dealing with Rejection

"Spring Moon", Oil on canvas, 24x30, $900 ($675 today)
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I have been having a discussion with Annell Livingston
about how to approach galleries. In the process she
asked me how I deal with rejections. I spent so much
time on the answer this morning that I thought I would
post it.

Annell: "Rejections." Certainly nothing new to artists.
How do you handle it?

Katherine: In 'On Writing' Stephen King said that he put
a 10 penny nail in his office and put his rejection notices
on the nail as he received them. The nail was full by the
time he sold Carrie, his first published novel. I think of
that. I do get a little bummed but then I pick myself up by
the bootstrap and remember that every no is one step
closer to the yes and the most successful people in the world
are the ones that have had the most nos and kept going. I
would like some responses. Mostly I hear nothing.

My partner is a screenplay writer who has not sold anything
but his follow up is remarkable and as a result he has several
production companies that will read anything he puts in front
of them. The head of the Academy of Motion Pictures gets
right back to him. While I have been selling tons of art he
has sold nothing but he just keeps getting more and more
confident. You think galleries are tough, try Hollywood! He
has been making these phone calls for over 10 years and has
a prestigious agent (the only way he can get read. His agent
does very little by the way. If he had not done the pursuing
he would be no where.) His attitude puts me to shame if I get

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Yes I am still painting. but nothing I am ready to show yet.


ArtPropelled said...

I have often wondered how so many successful artists, especially writers, have not given up long before. You read about writers papering a room with rejection slips. I don't think I have it in me to keep trying for that long..... and yet I'm passionate about what i do so maybe I would.

Dan Gliubizzi said...

Timely post for me, Thanks for writing it out. I also sell well and have a group of loyal collectors, but I have not been able bear too much rejection so I have no current relationship with a gallery

Richard Shilling said...

A very interesting post indeed, inspiring and thought provoking in equal measure. And quite timely for me too, thanks for telling us about it.

SKIZO said...



Uta said...

Its not so much rejection that I have had to contend with lately but getting paid from the gallery. Its left me a little vary to approach any more. Love your story about Stephen King. Very inspiring!

Uta said...
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Katherine said...

Robyn I think we humans have the capacity to persevere and endure beyond what we think we can when what is involved is following our passion.

Katherine said...

Dan it sounds like you are doing fine without doing the gallery route. I have been very fortunate in that way also. Most of my career I have been asked to show in different venues and have sold well.

Katherine said...

You are so welcome Richard, glad it was timely for you. Nice to hear from you.

Katherine said...

Glad you like it Skizo.

Katherine said...

Keep approaching Uta. I had the same problem with 2 different places, trying to get paid but I have also had some really responsible people represent me that were very prosperous venues for me.

the art of curiosity said...

A timely post for me to read too. Your wisdom is deeply appreciated!


DJ said...

"Spring Moon" is pure lusciousness.

Katherine said...

Jennifer glad I could be of assistance.

Katherine said...

Thanks so much DJ!