Wednesday, July 7, 2010


No this is not a finished painting!~
I was having a conversation with an artist, Phil Brown via email about art
and he stated "One thing I am discovering- being reckless with marks and
splashes at the beginning "reveals new directions you never thought existed".
This inspired me to share my process on my commissioned piece. What I
have painted thus far on this 5 foot by 4 foot canvas is simply paint to respond
to. This is how I start my paintings, just apply paint. I am thinking there will be
a lot of dark values in the final painting so I kept the underpinnings fairly light
and bright. This will allow for more value control and interesting scratching.
Otherwise I just applied paint to keep with my motto "break the illusion of
control!" I will continue with this philosophy through the entire painting process.

Looks a bit like a kid's birthday party at this point doesn't it? Now I will let it
dry for a bit, not all the way as I like the resistance that is created at a certain
point of tackiness.


SKIZO said...


ArtPropelled said...

An interesting point to remember when I finally get around to painting again. I like where this is going Katherine.

Annell Livingston said...

Katherine your use of color is pretty wonderful in your underpainting. I like what you have done. It's good! And I know the moment you say it is finished it will be wonderful!

Katherine said...

Skizo thanks for the visit.

Katherine said...

Thanks Robyn, I can't wait to see what you do when you do start painting.

Katherine said...

Annell thank you, calling it finished is a ways off. Nice hearing from you.

DMG said...

I love it when you share the process, Katherine. I learn so much!

Katherine said...

JB I don't think I could give anything away, it is too much of a mystery to me.

Katherine said...

Thank you Kathy, I have been enjoying watching your rapid progress in painting.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Just the beginning...I have difficulty when something so beautiful shows up might just have to go and again that can be difficult. This is a wonderful colorful start...can't wait to see next photo!Thank you for sharing!

Katherine said...

Yes preciousness is truly a hurdle in creating art, getting past what what you already like. There is nothing on this painting that I feel I can't lose, and I feel grateful for that. Thanks for visiting Mary Ann, always wonderful to hear from you!

DJ said...

Beautiful foundation...nice to see someone who's fearless about moving beyond that initial image, then looking forward to future layers. I'm learning that pushing past those first loves gives way to so much growth and development.

Katherine said...

Thanks DJ for the support, the feedback and the visit.