Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am trying something many artists do, and work on several paintings at once.
This is a challenge for me. When I was a kid I would attack Thanksgiving dinner
methodically and eat all of one thing before going to the next thing on my plate.
That about says it all. I like to finish something before starting something else.

So I am working on this 48x48 inch canvas alongside a 24x18 inch canvas and
my commission. I worked on this piece yesterday and am liking what is happening.
Now that makes things more difficult, as it makes what is happening on a very
unfinished painting precious and I am going to have to bust through that. The colors
are a little earthier than I usually do. I like that. There is a tempo, a movement that
I like. There, however, is a sureness and complexity that is missing so far. Any input
is welcome.


jbkrost said...

looks good!
Yeah I tend to have several going at one time, I find that while working on this one something will pop in my head on the other, and give me a bit of time to mull it over

DJ said...

Lately, I'm learning to "push past" stages/layers that I start to fall in love with.
Some tactics:
~Use the present colors/rhythms in future layers.
~Scratch through/apply solvent during subsequent layers to reveal areas you're enjoying now.
~Keep your present-stage photo for reference during later painting sessions.
~Pray that subsequents layers are more exciting, more sophisticated, more satisfying, and take the plunge to move forward. :-)

annell4 said...

I would think this would work very well for you! I can't wait to see what happens! So far, so good!

Katherine said...

JB in theory I am with you on this one. It remains to be seen if that holds true, at the moment I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Katherine said...

Thanks DJ for sharing your process.

Katherine said...

Nice hearing from you Annell.

DJ said...

Katherine, It's difficult to believe someone with your talent is overwhelmed.
Take charge, keep pushing, and the breakthrough will arrive soon.
Cheering you on,

Katherine said...

Thanks DJ for your faith in me. I will and I'll have fun doing it.

Uta said...

I am a one painting at a time kind of gal myself.

Katherine said...

Uta a girl after my own heart. I know of an artist that has 30 paintings going at the same time.

sukey said...

jesse reno has up to 10 or so paintings going at one time. i think the only reason to perhaps work with more than one at a time is drying time, perhaps. if this change up helps explore otherwise drop it. your work is fabulous!